Camp Life

Monday: "Picture Day" each camper will receive their camp shirts and have their pictures taken with their unit.

Tuesday: "Duo Day" Pair up with a buddy and come as your favorite dynamic duo! Peanut Butter and Jelly, Peas and Carrots, Batman and Robin. 

Wednesday:  Hog Trough day!  Be ready for Ice Cream!   A special surprise evening activity is also offered to just our PAITs, PAs, and LITs.  

Thursday: All Camp Day! Be ready to celebrate our theme today, it's sure to be a treat!    

Friday:   Be sure to wear your camp shirt and prepare for campfire!

**Campers who will enter the 4th grade or higher are welcome to stay overnight for a fun filled evening of cooking, campfire and sleeping in tents on Friday evening.

What to Bring Daily

Remember to label everything!!
  • Backpack
  • Sun Hat
  • Water Bottle
  • Sack Lunch with Drink (no glass). All items including disposables must be brought home each day. Please be aware that refrigeration is not available.
  • Medications must be in the original container with the camper's name and the name and strength of the medication. A signed Day Camp Medication Permission form, included in this packet, must accompany all medications. All medications will be turned into the Health Director at the beginning of camp or the start of each day. It is the camper's responsibility to pick up any medications at the end of the day and/or at the end of camp. Campers who require inhalers and/or bee sting kits may carry them on their person during the day with written permission from their parent/guardian and after the Health Director has cleared them to do so. The Health Director will ensure the camper knows how to use the medication properly prior to giving the camper clearance.
  • SWAPS.  While there is not an official SWAPS day, we still encourage girls to exchange SWAPS on Tuesday and Thursday if they choose to do so.  Make sure SWAPS are on pins and that your camper has a baggie to carry them in!
What to wear

  • Remember to label everything!!
  • Long pants or shorts (No short shorts)
  • Hiking boots / tennis shoes with socks 
(shoes with open toes/backs & 
sandals are not permitted)
  • Jacket, sweatshirt, or rain gear as 
appropriate - dress in layers
  • Halter tops or tops with straps less than 
one inch in width are not permitted

Because some camp areas may contain poison oak, black berries, and stinging nettles, it is important that the camper is dressed appropriately. Campers arriving in sandals or open shoes will be excluded from activities until a parent/guardian furnishes them with sturdy tie-on shoes and socks. It is highly recommended that campers wear bug spray and suntan lotion. Campers may bring sun block and bug spray (labeled with camper's name) to turn in to the Health Director. Campers will not be allowed to apply lotions to each other; the Health Director will assist the camper in applying sun block or bug spray to herself or himself.

Camp Rules

  • Campers may not leave the camp area at any time
  • No electronic devices
  • Campers are not allowed in the water at any time
  • No spray bottles or water guns
  • Throwing sack lunches or any other trash in the 
portable toilets will result in expulsion from camp.
  • Adult Volunteers or visitors will wear identifying 
items (name badges) at all times, 
campers should notify their unit leader 
immediately if an adult without identifying 
items attempts to contact them.

Additional Camp Information

  • Please do not send your child to camp sick! If your camper will not be in camp for whatever reason please notify your daughter's unit leader that day between 7 am and 8 am, or by note in advance. A note will also be needed to release your daughter early from camp.
  • All campers are covered by a Girl Scout accident insurance policy. This policy does not cover sickness, poison oak, etc.
  • Emergency cancellation or change: If an emergency occurs that forces the closure of camp, every effort will be made to contact parents/guardians to pick up their children. If the emergency is such that camp must be evacuated, all campers will be transported to Harmony Elementary School, 17404-A NE 18th St., Vancouver. Whenever possible, parents will be notified of cancellations or changes by phone prior to the camp day. The ranger's phone number at camp for emergencies only is (360) 834-3384.
  • Camp visitation: For the safety of your child during camp, visitors will not be allowed on camp grounds during the camp week. For those who would like to see Camp Segonku Girl Scout Day Camp, visitation will be Sunday, July 14th from 1 pm until 3pm.
  • Camper Overnight: Girl Scouts 4th grade and older will be offered an overnight on Friday night.  If the camper is not staying overnight they will need to be picked up at 3:00 on Friday. In addition, Program Aides and Program-Aides-in-Training will be offered evening activities on Wednesday. Suggested equipment lists will be sent home during camp week.


Remember to please bring the first page of your conformation with you when you pick up your child on Monday afternoon. "Camper Pick Up" cards will be given to your camper on the first day of camp. This card becomes documentation of camp and transfers responsibility of your camper. Please present it to the traffic staff when you pick up your camper Tuesday thru Friday. For safety reasons, persons who do not have the pickup card will be required to show photo identification to pick up their child. Persons without pick up cards and who are not a child's parent/guardian must have photo identification and written permission from the parent. There is limited parking at camp, and carpooling is strongly recommended. The safety of all campers is our greatest concern; please be patient during the pick-up and drop-off processes. Camp begins at 9 am and ends at 3 pm; Campers should arrive at camp between 8:45 and 9:00 am. The camp will not be responsible for campers dropped off prior to this time. Staff members will be on hand to welcome campers and direct them into the meadow to await the start of camp. To ensure the safety of campers in the morning, all campers are to enter the meadow immediately upon entering camp. Please observe the following rules for the safety of campers and volunteers and to speed up the pick-up and drop-off procedures.

  • Follow all directions given by traffic volunteers
  • Pedestrians have the right of way at all times.
  • Watch for children crossing the roadway

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Older girls doing archery
Campers on a hike
Morning flag with PAs
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Important Dates


March 5th
Registration Opens

May 16th
$25 Late registration fee starts.

May 31st
Registration closes (or when we get to capacity)

June 22nd
Leader Training! New leaders arrive at 9:00 a.m. PAs and returning leaders come at noon!

July 14th
Camp setup and visitation day! Swing by and tour camp and see your unit from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

July 15th
First day of camp starts at 9:00 a.m.! See you there!